How do I cite FLEXI?

If you used the FLEXI framework for your fancy simulations, we would be happy to have the following paper cited

  • F. Hindenlang, G. J. Gassner, C. Altmann, A. Beck, M. Staudenmaier, and C. Munz, “Explicit discontinuous galerkin methods for unsteady problems,” Computers & fluids, vol. 61, p. 86–93, 2012.
    title={Explicit discontinuous Galerkin methods for unsteady problems},
    author={Hindenlang, Florian and Gassner, Gregor J and Altmann, Christoph and Beck, Andrea and Staudenmaier, Marc and Munz, Claus-Dieter},
    journal={Computers \& Fluids},

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