Well, FLEXI offers a powerful framework, which is tailored for high-fidelity time-dependent simulations in HPC environments. And yeah, it’s fun and it’s totally for free!

If you used the FLEXI framework for your fancy simulations, we would be happy to have the following paper cited

  • F. Hindenlang, G. J. Gassner, C. Altmann, A. Beck, M. Staudenmaier, and C. Munz, “Explicit discontinuous galerkin methods for unsteady problems,” Computers & fluids, vol. 61, p. 86–93, 2012.
    title={Explicit discontinuous Galerkin methods for unsteady problems},
    author={Hindenlang, Florian and Gassner, Gregor J and Altmann, Christoph and Beck, Andrea and Staudenmaier, Marc and Munz, Claus-Dieter},
    journal={Computers \& Fluids},

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Please contact the developers with your request at flexi@listserv.uni-stuttgart.de

The development of the FLEXI framework is done in a Unix environment. For other operating systems you will need some adjustments. Unfortunately, we are not supporting Windows and Mac systems and recommend you to install a virtual machine to use FLEXI.